The importance of Paschim Medinipur DIB has been increased manifold. It was a big district having 04 Sub-divisions, namely Medinipur Sadar, Kharagpur, Ghatal & Jhargram. There were 28 Police Stations in this District. After bifurcation of Jhargram Police District, Paschim Medinipur currently has three Sub-division and 20 Police Stations. Midnapore Sadar Sub-division consists of 07 PSs viz, Kotwali, Keshpur, Anandapur, Salboni, Garhbeta, Goaltore & Lalgarh. Previously Lalgarh PS was included in Jhargram Sub-division but for better police administration it is now included in Paschim Medinipur District. There are vast stretches of forest areas in most parts of Kotwali, Salboni, Garhbeta, Lalgarh, Golatore PSs. Kharagpur Sub-division consists of 10 PSs viz, Kharagpur (Town), Kharagpur (Local), Debra, Pingla. Sabang, Narayangarh, Belda, Dantan, Mohanpur & Keshiary . Some portion of Kharagpur (Local) PS and Keshiary PS are covered by forest. Ghatal Sub-division consists of 03 PSs viz, Ghatal, Daspur & Chandrakona. There are 6 Police Stations affected by CPI (Maoist) activists in Paschim Medinipur namely Kotwali, Salboni, Goaltore, Lalgarh, Kharagpur (Local) and Keshiary. The political disturbances often occur in this district which is tackled by prompt intervention of Police. The activity of BJP, VHP, Ananda Margis etc in this district is not remarkable at present. The communal situation of this district is by and large peaceful. This District is regularly visited by the VVIP & VIPs including political persons. All the above facts situation / programme are now dealt with by DIB. The Sanctioned Strength of DIB, Paschim Medinipur is – Dy.SP – 01, Inspectors – 04, SIs – 37, ASIs – 22, & WCs – 97. The Present Strength of DIB, Paschim Medinipur– Dy.SP – 01, Inspectors – 02, SIs – 05, ASIs – 03, WCs – 12, LWC – 03. The Sanctioned Strength of Ministerial Staff is 10 including 01 HA and 01 Typist. But at present no assistant is in DIB and thereby the entire Sanctioned Strength of Ministerial Staffs is vacant. On behalf of SP, DIB, Paschim Medinipur, Dy.SP, DIB Paschim Medinipur is looking after the routine work of DIB with the help other police personnel of DIB Office. Most of the Seresta Work is being maintain by officers of DIB with the help of NVF/ HG boys. The district has been divided into the following zones : 1) Sadar Zone with HQ at Paschim Medinipur comprising of Kotwali, Keshpur, Anandapur, Salboni, Garhbeta, Goaltore & Lalgarh Police Stations. 2) Kharagpur Zone with HQ at Paschim Medinipur comprising of Kharagpur (Town), Kharagpur (Local), Debra, Pingla. Sabang, Narayangarh, Belda, Dantan, Mohanpur & Keshiary Police Stations. 3) Ghatal Zone with HQ at Paschim Medinipur comprising of Ghatal, Daspur & Chandrakona Police Stations. Previously all the matters /information relating to the activities of all political parties, communal organizations other fundamentalist organizations / extremist groups i.e. LWE /CPI (Maoist) etc were collected and maintained by the Executive staff of the office but at present the entire works are maintained by the existing police personnel. All Police Arrangements in connection with all political programmes, organized by different political parties, movement of VVIPs and VIPs, festivals of all communities, examinations etc are prepared by this office with the approval of the Superintendent of Police, DIB, Paschim Medinipur. Besides all Election related matters/ statements are maintained / prepared by the office from the DIB point of view. Security coverage to VVIPs/VIPs is also arranged from DIB, Paschim Medinipur.