Functioning : a) Telephone Section : Ph No:-03222-267983/267857, PBX Extn No-226 and 100 Dial (not functioning at present). Receiving & catering information, monitoring VIP movement, Coordinating Force movement, Coordinating for maintaining Law & Order and regularizing DCR through General Diary. b) Message Section: (i) Receiving & delivering messages keeping liaison with Telecom Midnapur. Maintaining records of tracking messages and brings to light before the Superior Officers through Put Up Pad. Maintaining Dak Books & peon Books for delivering messages. (ii) Compiling the particulars of arrested person to display in the Board and arrange to send PD & others through Telecom Midnapur. c) Computer Section: (i) Receiving statement of Daily patrolling report and performances.(ii) Compiling performance of Night supervision (iii) Drafting of Special Sitrep reg important incident, important arrest, important seizure, important case etc.(iv) sending & receiving messages as per order of superiors.(v) Developing contact Numbers of different Offices and Units. d) Media Information : Collecting information through TV Channels and catering to the Superiors.