Traffic Awareness Programme

# Date PS Name Programme Details Remarks
1 12/06/2022 Goaltore PS Rally in C/W SDSL at Goaltore Bazar
2 12/06/2022 Garhbeta PS & Garhbeta TG Mass Awareness Programme among peapule through 'Chou Dance', distribution of leafelate and other deffarent measurs at Radhanagar and Dhadika Bazar
3 12/06/2022 Sabang PS Rally at Sabang Bazar
4 13/06/2022 KGP (T) PS Safe Drive Save Life, organize Traffic Awareness programme at Kousalya More
5 14/06/2022 Ghatal PS Safe Drive Save Life, organize Traffic Awareness programme at Ghatal College More
6 15/06/2022 Anandapur PS Rally at Panchkuri
7 16/06/2022 Narayangarh PS Road Safety & Traffic Awarness of Pathabandhu & Public Makrampur Bazar
8 17/06/2022 Kotwali PS Rally and Cultural program on SDSL at Keranichoti
9 17/06/2022 Daspur PS Traffic Awareness at Daspur Milan Mancha
10 18/06/2022 Mohanpur PS SDSL Rally at Baita to Bagda more
11 19/06/2022 Gurguripal PS Safe Drive Save Life Programme Dherua Bazar
12 19/06/2022 Chandrakona PS SDSL Rally at Khirpai Municipality area.
13 20/06/2022 Kharagpur Local PS Traffic Awareness Programme at Basantapur Bazar
14 21/06/2022 Pingla PS Road Safety Awareness Programme in C/W safe drive save life Programme at Pingla High School
15 22/06/2022 Keshiary PS "Safe Drive Save Life" Rally & Traffic Awareness camp at Keshiary Bus stand at Keshiary Bus Stand
16 22/06/2022 Dantan PS Foot rally with college students, pathabandhu and local people Helmet distribution at Dantan Bazar Area
17 22/06/2022 Belda PS SDSL Rally & Awareness programme at Belda bazar & Shaympura morh
18 24/06/2022 Debra PS SDSL Awareness Seminar &  Bike Rally at  Debra Bazar & Debra College
19 26/06/2022 Keshpur PS Rally along with miking on SDSL at Whole of Keshpur Bazar including Hospital more and College more
20 26/06/2022 Salboni PS “SDSL rally” at Salboni Bazar to Kamla